Snapped: Killer Couples

TV Series, TV-PG, Crime, Mystery, Reality


“Snapped: Killer Couples” features couples whose passion drives them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through reenactments and gripping firsthand accounts, each episode takes a deep dive into the stories behind the couples’ romance, how their relationship evolved once love turned to manipulation, and what ultimately drove them to commit the crime.

Where and When to Watch:
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-23 (Episode: No Exit, TV-14-V)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-23 (Episode: The Unblinking Eye, TV-14-V)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-23 (Episode: False-hearted Judges, TV-14)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-22 ( 5:00 am) (Episode: False-hearted Judges, TV-14)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-22 ( 4:00 am) (Episode: The Unblinking Eye, TV-14-V)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-22 ( 3:00 am) (Episode: No Exit, TV-14-V)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-22 (Episode: Linda Garcia & Jose Carlos Cruz)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-22 (Episode: Tabitha Messina & Carlos Chistopher)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-21 ( 9:00 am) (Episode: Linda Garcia & Jose Carlos Cruz)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-21 ( 8:00 am) (Episode: Tabitha Messina & Carlos Chistopher)


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