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Oxygen’s ultimate guilty pleasure profiles the fascinating cases of every day, seemingly average moms, wives and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do it? And if so, why? Was it a cheating spouse, years of constant abuse or that dirty dish in the sink? Now in its 10th season, the series attracts millions of fans including a wide range of celebrities from Anderson Cooper to Kelly Ripa.

Where and When to Watch:
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Traci Wolfe, TV-PG)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Carleen Charlie, TV-PG)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Kimberly Baldwin)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Jaclyn Martin, TV-PG)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Nanette Litherland)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Cindy Mckay)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Kari Willoughby, TV-PG)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Kelly Harrod)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Clara Schwartz, TV-PG)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-25 (Episode: Shanda Crain, TV-PG)


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