Cold Justice

TV Series, TV-14, Crime, Mystery, Reality


From Executive Producer Dick Wolf and Magical Elves, the real life crime series follows veteran prosecutor Kelly Siegler, who gets help from seasoned detectives – Johnny Bonds, Steve Spingola, Aaron Sam and Tonya Rider, as they dig into small town murder cases that have lingered for years without answers or justice for the victims. Together with local law enforcement from across the country, the “Cold Justice” team has successfully helped bring about 30 arrests and 16 convictions. No case is too cold for Siegler as the new season delves into new unsolved homicides while also bringing updates to previous cases.

Where and When to Watch:
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-21 (Episode: No Safe Return)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-21 (Episode: Mystery On The Mountain)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-20 ( 5:00 pm) (Episode: Mystery On The Mountain)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-20 ( 4:00 pm) (Episode: No Safe Return)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-07 (Episode: Covet, TV-14)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-07 (Episode: Cabin In The Woods, TV-14)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-06 ( 5:00 pm) (Episode: Cabin In The Woods, TV-14)
  Oxygen on 2020-06-06 ( 4:00 pm) (Episode: Covet, TV-14)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-05 (Episode: Fresh Wounds, TV-14)
  Oxygen Online on 2020-06-05 (Episode: Trajectory, TV-14)


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