Total Bellas

TV Series, TV-14, Reality


Season two of “Total Bellas” kicks-off with Nikki and John’s in-ring return to WWE, while Brie and Daniel are in need of extra support as they enter the final weeks leading up to the arrival of baby Birdie. This season also follows Nikki on her road to WrestleMania® as she prepares for her dream tag-team match alongside John, all while balancing twin sister duties and being there for Brie as she prepares to become a mother. With Daniel back on the road with WWE as the General Manager of SmackDown® Live and John’s career in Hollywood rising, The Bellas’ bond is put to the test, but they grow stronger than ever. The sisters go head-to-head with an exhilarating pregnancy and an emotional road to a long-awaited proposal as they step into the next chapter of their ever-changing lives.

Where and When to Watch:
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Babies On Board 511, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: The Proposal 510, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Sweat It Out 509, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Off The Deep End 508, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Bella Vs. Bella 507, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Salsa Caliente 506, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Bellavision 505, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Playing Favorites 504, TV-14-D-L)
  E! Now on 2020-06-12 (Episode: Bellas Without Borders 503, TV-14-D-L)
  E! on 2020-06-11 (10:00 pm) (Episode: Babies On Board 511, TV-14-D-L)


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