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Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif are back in the operating room ready to fix the failed plastic surgeries that have crippled the lives and spirits of patients who have sought the doctors’ help as their last hope. The renowned revision plastic surgery experts remain determined to continue helping patients restore their confidence, whether they’re in pursuit of perfection or simply desire to feel like themselves again. There is no shortage of individuals who need the doctors’ help, as Dr. Dubrow and Dr. Nassif continue to come face-to-face with surgical mishaps that only their expertise can fix,

Where and When to Watch:
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: Butchered Breasts And Nasal Nightmares 513, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: Magical Mystery Breasts 511, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: Most Outrageous Omg Patients Countdown 650, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: To Implant Or Not To Implant...that Is The Question 404, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: All Twerk And No Play 403, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: Went To Mexico And Got Terrible Rhinorrhea 310, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: Super Fupa 305, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: Totally Waist-ed 308, TV-14-L)
  E! Now on 2019-10-29 (Episode: Boner Free Zone 215, TV-14-L)
  E! on 2019-10-28 (11:30 pm) (Episode: Went To Mexico And Got Terrible Rhinorrhea 310, TV-14-L)


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